Over Allotments & Leisure Gardeners' Association

Over Allotments
Moss Bank,
Est. 1924

Wildlife Area

The Wildlife Area was developed during the autumn and winter of 2007-08 on sloping ground and a disused plot in a corner of the site, with funds from Winsford Town Council. The aim was to enhance the area's existing features of two mature English oaks (probably the remains of an ancient field boundary hedge), together with willow, alder, hawthorn and buckthorn, by developing a woodland environment with bark chip paths winding through the trees to a newly-established pond dug into the natural red boulder clay.

The area was planted with 'wildlife friendly' species, including Bergenia cordifolia (elephant's ears) sunflower, teazle, wildflowers and spring bulbs.

Refuges were built for insects and small mammals, small ponds form stopping-off places for amphibians on their way to and from the main pond, and there are bird and bat boxes in the trees.

The result is a natural area that requires little intervention, doesn't look an eyesore, and which contains the much needed and useful plants to attract birds and insects to the allotments.