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Applying for an allotment plot in Winsford

Where are the allotments in Winsford?
There are two allotments sites in Winsford, owned by Winsford Town Council. They are:

location plan

Over Allotments: How many plots are there?
As of July 2018, there are 60 plots together with 5 raised beds for disabled users at the Over Allotments site. These are for rent by Winsford residents from Winsford Town Council. In addition, there is the Jubilee Communal Plot (established in 2012) which has a polytunnel with 10 raised beds set out as 5 pairs of 2 beds. The polytunnel and its raised beds are owned and managed by Over Allotments Association, and individuals who rent the Winsford Town Council external raised beds are eligible to use the Association polytunnel raised beds. When large plots become available, there is a possibility of them being divided by Winsford Town Council to increase the number of plots.

site plan Over Allotments: What size are the individual plots?
Plot sizes at Over Allotments have varied over the years. There are still some traditional 10 pole plots (an old measurement of length from the back of a plough to the nose of an ox - about 80 feet by 30 feet or 25 metres by 10 metres), but the trend today is towards smaller plots. Winsford Town Council designates today's plots as 'small', 'medium' and 'large', with the average plot size being approximately 2,300 square feet. Click the plot plan to see the layout of the plots (it's for guidance only and is not to scale).

Who lets allotment plots in Winsford?
All allotment plots in Winsford are owned by Winsford Town Council, and it is the Council's responsibility as landlord for letting them. Plot-holders are tenants of Winsford Town Council, and are bound by a Tenancy Agreement.

Is there a waiting list for allotment plots in Winsford?
Yes, and it's a long one, averaging about 25 people. The waiting list is maintained by Winsford Town Council, who will add you to the list if you apply for a plot. Be prepared to wait 2 to 3 years before a plot becomes available.

Applying for an allotment in Winsford

All enquiries about applying for an allotment plot in Winsford should be made to:

Winsford Town Council
Wyvern House
The Drumber

Telephone: 01606 593582

Email: mail@winsford.gov.uk
Web: http://www.winsford.gov.uk