Safety & Security

Allotments are generally safe and secure places, and that's what we hope for at Over Allotments. However, accidents do happen, and we do get the occasional 'night-time visitors'.

Personal safety
Your safety, and that of your family, friends and other visitors you invite onto the site, is of paramount importance. The following points may seem obvious, but do try to keep them in mind. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but the few points shown here should be enough to make you think.

  • Walk, don't run;
  • Keep a First Aid kit with you;
  • Wear the right clothing. A good pair of gloves will guard against cuts, stings, splinters, scratches, etc., and don't forget to wear the right shoes, wellies or boots for the job;
  • Please keep the right side of the fence around the Wildlife Area - the pond is deep and there are plenty of trip hazards;
  • If you have children with you, please be aware of where they are and keep your eyes on them, especially the eyes in the back of your head!;
  • Always keep pesticides in their original containers, not in old pop bottles!;
  • Make sure that pesticides are safely put away when not in use;
  • Make sure you are up to date with your tetanus immunisation. As a general rule you should have a tetanus booster every 10 years because immunity is provided for this length of time from each immunisation.

Safety when using Association power tools
Click here for safety advice when using rotavators, tillers, shredders and strimmers.

Note: There is a First Aid box in the tea shed.

Allotments can never be fully secure, and Over Allotments are no exception, despite being gated and surrounded by a high perimeter fence. If someone is determined enough to gain unauthorised entry, they probably will. We do get the occasional 'night-time visitors' though, thankfully, their visits are few and far between. In all such cases, the matter is reported to Winsford Town Council and, most importantly, Cheshire Police. The police may not be able to do much about theft or vandalism, but the information given helps them track local problems and plan future policing.

To lock or not to lock?
Advice issued by Cheshire Police is:

  • do not lock your shed, as this usually results in damage if a forced entry is made;
  • leave nothing of value inside your shed;
  • put a sign on the door saying 'shed unlocked as nothing of value inside'.

However, it is up to the individual plot-holder whether to follow this advice or not.

Note: If you are the victim of theft or vandalism, please report it to a member of the Committee as soon as possible.