Over Allotments and Leisure Gardeners' Association

Over Allotments and Leisure Gardeners' Association has existed for many years in one guise or another. Its current incarnation dates from 2006, when it was reformed with a written constitution (click here for the Constitution).

All plot-holders are automatically eligible to join the Association as Full Members, and those who work alongside them on their plots are eligible to join as Affiliate Members. A subscription is charged annually:

  • £10 per Full Member (this includes £3 NSALG affiliation fee)
  • £5 per Affiliate Member

The membership year commences 1st June, when the annual subscription becomes payable. Occasional General Meetings (GMs) may be held during the year, and the AGM is usually held in October. Meetings take place at the Dingle Centre, High Street, Winsford (next to the Library).

The Association is a member of the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners (NSALG), the national body representing allotment holders and vegetable gardeners in the UK.

Benefits of Association membership include:

  • Free use of manure, when available
  • Free use of woodchip, when available
  • Use of Association machinery (a small hire charge is made)
  • Use of the tea shed gas supply
  • Purchase of products from the Association shop at discounted prices, including good quality compost
  • Copies of General Meeting and Annual General Meeting minutes
  • Frequent personalised newsletters and announcements, circulated by email
  • Concessionary rates at paid-for events
  • Support should representation in disputes be deemed necessary
  • The right to attend Association meetings
  • The right to vote in Association ballots and elections

Over Allotments and Leisure Gardeners' Association
Committee 2017-2018
Position Name Plot Keyholders
Container x4
Shop x10
Shop Secretary
Mike Allen Plot 50,
Rhubarb Road
Vice Chair John Young Plot 28,
Apple Alley
Treasurer Mike Solari Plot 23,
Apple Alley
Secretary Olwen Lyons Plot 45,
Beetroot Boulevard
Membership Secretary Jim Kettle Plot 18,
Damson Drive
Seed Secretary
Rita Lyons Plot 9,
Lettuce Lane
Bee Secretary Sue Henshall Plot 49,
Beetroot Boulevard
General Member
Viv Kettle Plot 8,
Lettuce Lane
General Member Fran Johnson Plot 53,
Beetroot Boulevard
General Member John Malam Plot 55,
Rhubarb Road
General Member Rob McLeod Plot 43,
Cabbage Close
General Member Richard Parker Plot 39,
Beetroot Boulevard