Children's Open Day

The first Children's Open Day organised by Over Allotments Association was held on Wednesday, 1st July 2009, and has been held each year since, near the end of the summer term. Small groups from local schools (primary and secondary) are given guided tours of the allotments by plot-holders, and on leaving each is given a 'starter kit' to help them grow their own back at school.

The day has been generously supported by several sponsors, including Winsford Town Council, Cheshire West and Chester Council, Winsford Education Partnership, Weaver Vale Garden Centre (Northwich), Tarporley Garden Centre, B&Q (Northwich), Suttons Seeds, Johnsons Seeds, Usborne Books and Huws Gray Ltd (Winsford).

Highlights of Children's Open Days have included:

  • Children making scarecrows for display in a scarecrow trail on Public Open Day (annually).
  • Awarding of the Mayor's Shield for Best Scarecrow by Winsford Town Council (annually).
  • 2010: Children designing an ideal school vegetable plot / garden, presented as an A3 poster.
  • 2011: Naming of allotment paths.
  • 2011: Video diary made by Winsford E-ACT Academy students.
  • 2012: Scarecrows made on an Olympic / Paralympic theme, to create 'Team Winsford'.
  • 2013: Scarecrows made on a 'costume through the decades' theme, to link in with the 150th anniversary of St John's Church, Over. The 11 scarecrows, representing 11 of St John's 15 decades, were paraded in a church parade.
  • 2014: Scarecrows made on a '2014 Football World Cup nation' theme.
  • 2015: Scarecrows made on a 'sunflowers' theme (2015 was the 'Year of the Sunflower').
  • 2016: Scarecrows made on the theme of 'HM The Queen' (2016 was the 90th birthday of HM Queen Elizabeth II).
  • 2017: Scarecrows made on the theme of 'Star Wars' (2017 was the 40th anniversary of the release of the first Star Wars film).

Winsford Town Council Mayor's Shield for Best Scarecrow
Roll of Honour
Year School Scarecrow
2009 St Chad's Primary School Gordon Bleu
2010 Darnhall Primary School Old Mac Strawy
2011 St Chad's Primary School Dick Turnip
2012 Hebden Green Primary School Blade Runner
2013 Wharton Primary School The Unknown Soldier
2014 Over St John's Primary School Germany
2015 High Street Primary School Sunflower
2016 Over Hall Primary School HM The Queen
2017 St Chad's Primary School Princess Leia

Name that path
In 2011 a competition was run with schools to name the paths that cross Over Allotments, with Winsford Town Council funding the cost of making the chosen names into permanent signs. Schools were asked to choose a fruit, herb or vegetable typically found growing on a UK allotment (so no bananas, pineapples, yams or other foreign exotics), and combine it with a road suffix (street, avenue, road, etc). Plots now have 'addresses', such as Plot 4 Lettuce Lane, Plot 10a Damson Drive, and so on.

Over Allotments Path Names
Path name Named by
Blackberry Way Winsford Academy
Damson Drive Darnhall Primary School
Thyme Square Grange Primary School
Cabbage Close Greenfields Primary School
Lettuce Lane Hebden Green Primary School
Apple Alley High Street Primary School
Pumpkin Place Over Hall Primary School
Sprout Street Russett School, Weaverham
Beetroot Boulevard St Chad's Primary School
Rhubarb Road Willow Wood Primary School
Potato Path All schools

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